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Nancy’s Personal Tragedy Helps Fuel Her Compassion to Serve Others

National Volunteer Month is officially underway – a perfect excuse to celebrate our dedicated volunteers. Anyone can do a quick Google search and see that a volunteer is defined, generally, as a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. But we know first-hand that there’s a lot more to unpack from that.
Each of our volunteers who walk through our warehouse doors serves as an important part in helping drive our mission forward. Their spread of shared skills and level of care make staff members’ tasks lighter and days brighter. Whether it’s packing boxes full of healthy food, greeting folks at our front desk, delivering orders to food pantries, or handing off fresh and nutritious food to clients, their work culminates as a valuable service for Sheboygan County families facing hunger. In fact, in 2021 volunteers racked up a combined 4,591 hours, which is an estimated value of $131,027 according to Independent Sector.
For Nancy, devoting her time is an act of compassion that feels essential. Nancy is a mother who lost a young child unexpectedly a few years ago. The heartbreak following the incident was overwhelming and it led her to giving back to her community by volunteering. Nancy is a member of the Sheboygan Service Club and most recently started volunteering for our onsite food distribution, Sheboygan Cares Food Pantry.

I volunteer for Sheboygan County Food Bank to give back to the community. I find it to be a great way of healing not only for myself, but a way to help others. You never know what people are going through, or what they’re struggling with in their personal life – whether it be emotional or physical. It feels good to contribute and give back.

We are incredibly grateful for people like Nancy who volunteer their time with us. If you’re interested in helping out at Sheboygan County Food Bank, check out our current volunteer opportunities here.