Sheboygan County Food Bank

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Give Other Ways

Remember Sheboygan County Food Bank when you are going about your day-to-day activities. You’ll be surprised to find the other ways you can help us.

AmazonSmile and Amazon Charity List

Amazon has a customizable Charity List feature. Check out our Amazon Charity List to choose and donate our current most needed items. When you purchase items from this list, they will ship directly to our warehouse.

eBay for Charity

The eBay community consists of millions of users who regularly buy and sell. You can donate up to 100% of your proceeds to us. Just favorite Sheboygan County Food Bank on eBay when you shop and sell.

Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Financial is a financial services provider with a greater mission to serve God and local communities. Members become eligible for Thrivent Choice based on insurance premiums, contract values and Thrivent volunteer leadership. With Thrivent Choice, you can recommend charitable outreach funds go to Sheboygan County Food Bank.

Sadoff Iron & Metal

Sadoff Iron & Metal Company provides local, non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise funds while, at the same time, encouraging continual education, energy savings, and waste recovery through the recycling efforts of the individual members of the organization. When you recycle with Sadoff at the Sheboygan location, all you need to do is let the scale operator in the office know that the material being sold is for Sheboygan County Food Bank.